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What are DNA and RNA Purification Kits? How to Use DNA and RNA Purification Kits?

30 July 2023

DNA and RNA purification refers to the process of isolating and extracting DNA or RNA molecules from biological samples. Purification is necessary to obtain high-quality and pure DNA or RNA for various downstream applications, such as sequencing, cloning, PCR, gene expression analysis, and other molecular biology techniques. DNA and RNA purification kits are essential tools used in molecular biology and genetic research to extract and purify nucleic acids (DNA or RNA) from biological samples such as cells, tissues, or fluids [1].

DNA and RNA purification kits are used for several important reasons:

  1. Isolation of Pure Nucleic Acids: The primary purpose of these kits is to extract and purify DNA or RNA from biological samples. The kits isolate highly pure nucleic acids by removing contaminants such as proteins, lipids, salts, and other impurities. Pure nucleic acid samples are essential for accurate downstream analysis and experimentation.
  2. High Yield: DNA and RNA purification kits are designed to maximize the yield of nucleic acids extracted from the samples. This ensures that researchers obtain sufficient amounts of DNA or RNA for specific applications, such as PCR, sequencing, cloning, or gene expression studies.
  3. Consistency and Reproducibility: These kits provide standardized protocols and reagents, ensuring consistent and reproducible results across different experiments or laboratories. This is particularly important for research and clinical settings where reliable and comparable data are crucial.
  4. Time and Cost Efficiency: DNA and RNA purification kits streamline the nucleic acid extraction process, reducing the time and effort required compared to manual extraction methods. The kits include optimized protocols and pre-packaged reagents, eliminating the need for researchers to source and prepare individual components. This saves time and minimizes the risk of errors. Additionally, the kits can be cost-effective in reducing reagent consumption and minimizing the potential for sample loss.

What are the Most Used Commercial Purification Test Kits?

Here are some examples of the most commonly used commercial DNA or RNA Purification Kits from our company, Virasens:

Viral Nucleic Acid Purification Kit VIRA01: Virasens Viral Nucleic Acid Purification kit enables the purification of viral nucleic acids (DNA and RNA) from samples such as serum, plasma, body fluids, and supernatant of virus-infected cell cultures.

It has numerous advantages, such as ready-to-use DNA and RNA for any downstream analysis, a 40-minute fast purification process, and no toxic reagents. The kit includes columns that can effectively remove DNA and RNA impurities.

Genomic DNA Purification Kit From Blood VIRA02: Virasens Genomic DNA Purification Kit From Blood is designed to purify genomic DNA from fresh or frozen human blood to prepare samples for downstream analysis.

The kit has ready-to-use DNA for any downstream analysis, a fast purification process of 25 minutes, a high-efficiency rate, and no toxic reagents.

Viral RNA Purification Kit VIRA03:  Virasens Viral RNA Purification Kit is designed for researchers to rapidly prepare and purify Viral RNA from cell-free samples such as body fluids, serum, plasma, and supernatant of virally infected cell cultures, especially nasopharyngeal/oropharyngeal swab samples.

This method utilizes membrane spin columns that facilitate rapid and efficient viral particle fragmentation and selectively bind nucleic acids in high concentrations of chaotropic salts. It has high-quality and rapid purification of total viral RNA from respiratory samples and swabs using spin columns. The process requires a minimal amount (150 µl) of sample and provides access to fast, effective, and easy results in a short time.

Genomic DNA Purification Kit From Bacteria VIRA04: Virasens Genomic DNA Purification Kit from Bacteria is designed for in vitro nucleic acid extraction from various gram-positive, gram-negative bacterial species and microorganisms in the blood.

After being extracted from bacterial samples, genomic DNA can be applied to molecular tasks such as PCR, ligation, endonuclease digestion, transformation, cloning, and sequencing. The steps for phenol/chloroform extraction and alcohol precipitation are not included.

Genomic DNA Purification Kit From Tissue VIRA05: The Virasens Genomic DNA Purification Kit From Tissue is specifically designed to isolate nucleic acids from different tissue samples quickly. It utilizes high salt to enhance the binding efficiency of DNA and employs a spin column as the separation matrix for purification.

The key features of this kit are its fast-processing time, efficiency, and ease of use due to the spin-column format. Notably, the kit does not contain any toxic reagents, making it safe to handle. Additionally, it offers scalability, allowing for easy adaptation to varying sample sizes.

Viral DNA Purification Kit VIRA06: The Virasens Viral DNA Purification Kit utilizes a silica-based membrane spin column technology to isolate viral DNA efficiently. The kit offers several advantages, including the absence of toxic reagents like phenol or chloroform. It provides a fast, efficient, and user-friendly process, yielding high amounts of viral DNA for enhanced sensitivity. The purified DNA is suitable for direct use in various procedures, such as RT-PCR, cloning, RFLP analysis, sequencing, qPCR, viral load determination, viral genotyping, and virus detection. Additionally, the kit is compatible with real-time PCR and eliminates the need for precipitation steps, simplifying the workflow.

Plasmid DNA Purification Kit VIRA07: The Virasens Plasmid DNA Purification Kit is specifically designed to isolate high-quality plasmid DNA from cultured bacterial cells rapidly.

The kit offers several advantages, including a fast, efficient, and cost-effective method for plasmid DNA extraction. The resulting plasmid DNA is highly pure, and the extraction process takes only 30 minutes. Moreover, the kit improves plasmid DNA extraction yields, ensuring a reliable and consistent supply of high-quality DNA for downstream applications.

Gel Nucleic Acid Purification Kit VIRA08:  The Virasens Gel Nucleic Acid Purification Kit is made to purify nucleic acid (DNA/RNA fragments) from polyacrylamide/agarose gels with a high yield of recovery. The downstream applications of PCR, restriction digestion, cloning, and transformation can employ pure nucleic acid. The package is free of dangerous compounds like phenol and chloroform.

How to Use DNA and RNA Purification Kits?

The purification process typically involves several key steps, each serving a specific purpose:

  1. Cell Lysis: The first step is to disrupt the collected samples’ cell membrane and release the nucleic acids from the cells. This is achieved by using lysis buffers that contain detergents and chaotropic agents. Detergents break down the lipid bilayers of cell membranes, while chaotropic agents disrupt the hydrogen bonding and hydrophobic interactions, helping to solubilize and denature proteins [2].
  2. Binding: After cell lysis, the released nucleic acids are in a complex mixture with other cellular components, such as proteins, cellular debris, and lipids. The binding step involves transferring the lysate to a purification column or tube containing a binding matrix, typically silica or magnetic beads. Silica or beads have an affinity for nucleic acids, allowing them to selectively bind to the matrix while other contaminants are removed [2].
  3. Washing: Washing steps are performed to remove impurities and contaminants co-purified with the nucleic acids during the binding step. Washing buffers wash away residual proteins, salts, enzymes, and other contaminants, ensuring the purification of nucleic acids [2].
  4. Elution: The elution step involves the release of the purified DNA or RNA from the purification matrix. Elution buffers or sterile water are used to disrupt the binding interactions between the nucleic acids and the matrix, allowing the nucleic acids to be collected in a separate tube [2].
  5. Quantification and Quality Assessment: This step involves measuring the concentration of the purified DNA or RNA using a spectrophotometer or other quantification methods as specified in the kit’s instructions and assessing the quality of the purified nucleic acids by examining their purity ratios [2].

Overall, DNA and RNA purification kits simplify the process of isolating nucleic acids and yield highly purified DNA or RNA, which are crucial for various molecular biology techniques and genetic analyses.

It is essential to carefully follow the instructions in the DNA and RNA purification kit, as protocols and reagents may vary between kits. The kit’s instructions will provide details on volumes, incubation times, centrifugation speeds, and other critical parameters specific to the kit being used.

Always work in a dedicated and clean laboratory environment, follow proper biosafety guidelines, and wear appropriate personal protective equipment to ensure the integrity of your samples and prevent contamination during the purification process.


[1] Stadler, J., Lemmens, R., & Nyhammar, T. (2004). Plasmid DNA purification. The Journal of Gene Medicine: A cross‐disciplinary journal for research on the science of gene transfer and its clinical applications, 6(S1), S54-S66.

[2] Shen, J., & Hartmann, E. M. (2022). DNA extraction protocol for low-biomass environmental samples: adapted from the Lucigen MasterPure Complete DNA and RNA Purification Kit manual.


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Vitrosens Biotechnology is a high-tech company in Turkey founded for the development, manufacture, and delivery of in vitro diagnostic devices (IVD) to the world.
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